A Stepping Stone Towards a Better World

Malnutrition and hunger is the most prevailing situation among children in India. It is a very serious issue of now a days. The children are either starving or are not provided with the desired nutrients for a healthy growth which leads to these kind of situation. A major portion of population in India is suffering from these situations; caused by not eating enough of the right things, or being unable to use the food that one should eat.

Cultivator Natural Products Pvt. Ltd. laid down it’s with the intention of giving back to the mother nature in the nature’s own way. Its theology is to provide world with an opportunity to create a healthier and safer future for the society.

On 15-feb-2017 CNP took a step ahead in making a better world for the children. Mr. N.D. Prajapati and Mrs. Madhuri Prajapati distributed oranges to children in the government schools of nearby locality, in order to feed the children with sweet and tangy happiness. “The oranges were 100% organic and naturally grown without using chemicals and harmful pesticides” said Mr. Tarun Prajapati, Managing Director, CNP.

“The smile on the faces of children is our reward and it is our drive that motivates us to work for them. Our motive is to create a better world for the society, by providing them chance to live with the essence of nature, in its purest and natural form” he added.

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