Organic Warehouse

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Organic certified botanical become more sensitive to environmental elements like air, light humidity, temperature etc.; once they are dried. Botanical are natural plant materials and are vulnerable to all the elements. Thus proper packing and storage techniques will help to prevent from deterioration of color, aroma, flavor, taste, active ingredients and will also help to protect from insect damage or infestation.

Cultivator Natural Products Pvt. Ltd’s. warehousing area is completely covered with the concrete roofing and smooth wall and floors. Mechanical measures to control rodents, pest, insect etc. are placed properly. Keeping in mind the nature and attributes of the range, we have developed spacious and well ventilated warehousing unit. Moreover, our professionals take effective measure to provide protection against any kind of contamination and chemical exposure. Divided into various sections, our unit also allows us in accommodating even the bulk quality of the range with ease of identification and retrieval. Raw material, processed material and ready to dispatch materials are kept separately in the warehouse with proper labeling and demarcations.

Farm Grade / Raw Botanical Labels

Name of the crop:
Botanical Name:
Farm Code:
Plant Part:
Date of Harvesting:
Quality Status (Before Packing):
Date of Packing:
No. of bags from the lot / Weight:
Lot No.:
Internal TC No.:

Processed Botanical Labels

Bag No.:
Total No. of Bags / Weight:
Product Name:
Botanical Name:
Lot No.:
Plant Part:
Date of Harvesting:
Date of Processing:
Best Before:
Produced & Processed by:

Packing Material Used

Botanicals are packed in their desired packing materials like HDPE bags, laminated HDPE bags with inner liner of LD/HM, craft laminated bags, craft triple layer bags, paper box, vacuum bags etc.